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Amy Arntson

 As a country girl from northern Minnesota, I grew up with renowned outdoor photographer Les Blacklock as my neighbor. Les visited our farm and took photographs of the blooming daisy field. My dad saw him set up his old fashion tripod and camera and became instantly hooked on photography. He hiked all over to capture the best that nature had to offer, from waterfalls in Yellowstone to finding unique arches in Utah. I often traveled with my dad on his expeditions and he would give me pointers along the way (Those are still some of my fondest memories). And while it was amazing to experience this with my dad, photographing nature was his passion, not mine. As he took his time setting up his shots and waiting for the sun to hit just right on whatever he was trying to capture, he told me to look around and photograph whatever interested me. Heeding his advice, I found myself taking pictures of him taking pictures. He was in his element and I wanted to capture that memory.


Several decades later—becoming a wife, mom of three, and an empty nester—I still keep my camera close by and began my business - Northern Huddle Photography.

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